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So you like electronic music


Posted by admin | Posted in Music | Posted on 09-11-2010

Well, if you do, why not check them out? Here is the arrangement of Albinoni’s Adagio:

And the following is a composition called Blue Voyage:

If you like them, why not head over to Lantos Music for more…

© Bela Lantos 2010

How to identify fake Otterbox Defender cases


Posted by admin | Posted in Technology | Posted on 20-05-2015

I purchased an Otterbox Defender case for my new shiny Samsung Galaxy S6 from an eBay dealer who guaranteed its originality, but when I opened the box it felt very cheap straight away. Since I own a Otterbox Defender for my old Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I was able to compare the quality. The dealer recommended I check out large supermarkets that carry the item and compare it. Since JB Hifi he suggested did not carry it, I went to Dick Smith as they did.

As it turned out these fakes are sourced from Force Technology in WA, one of Otterbox’ official distributors in Australia.

Checking out the case in the shop immediately revealed that what they sold was original. I bought it immediately, for I am determined to get my money back from the eBay dealer, and took photos with notes on them. Unfortunately, the lighting conditions were not so great, but you shall still be able to see what I noted.

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Superdepot – too good to be true


Posted by admin | Posted in Shopping | Posted on 15-12-2012

I was searching for the best price on Nokia 808 Pureview and came across the Superdepot website.

The price was so good that I began to register to buy one, but because the site didn’t use any encryption I became suspicious and quickly searched for reviews.

I found the following stories:$2,000.00

Apparently they refuse to accept PayPal and require payments via MoneyGram. Once you pay for your item they tell you you need to buy another five of them before it can be shipped to you.

If a site

  1. has no SSL encryption
  2. Requires payment via MoneyGram

forget it. It is a scam.

The Dyson Air Multiplier – is it worth?


Posted by admin | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 29-01-2012

The Dyson Air Multipliers are really impressive, true space age technology. They look great and work great. Who wouldn’t want one of these to impress friends? But they are priced so high that one may get the impression these are real high-tech stuff that justifies the price.

Let me share a few thoughts with you about this product. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, those unbearable nerve pains…


Posted by admin | Posted in Health | Posted on 01-03-2011

Have you ever had them? They most often occur when something is pressing on the nerves. One of the most common form is a damaged disc in the neck of in the back. When the pain strikes, any movement can become unbearably painful. You go to the doctor and he or she will prescribe strong pain killers and tell you to rest. But the pain remains strong no matter what. Read the rest of this entry »

Floppy heart valve? – here is the fix


Posted by admin | Posted in Health | Posted on 31-12-2010

As far as I know there are many people with floppy heart valves in the world. I am not a health professional, so I explain to you in layman terms what that means and how you get it.

I never had problem with my heart valve in my youth. I learned and taught Kyokushin karate, that is called power karate because it pushes you to your limits. Indeed, a body builder friend of mine told me once that he could not even do the first ten minutes of the training, which was only a warm-up. The real tough stuff came after that.

So I had a really strong heart, period. However, in my thirties I worked in a very dusty environment and possibly due to this I often suffered from bronchitis. Whenever my kids got the flu I came down with bronchitis.

Perhaps you are aware that germs are sensitive to heat, so  because I was so unwell I took a hot bath – I mean it was really hot, and stayed in it for a bit too long. Yeah, you do silly things when you don’t know the consequences. Read the rest of this entry »