It wasn’t until about ten years ago when medical science discovered that many people suffer from reflux. There is a muscle that should close the stomach, but it doesn’t. So when you lay down (ie sleep) the stomach juices – that are very acidic – flow to your throat and damage it. You go to the doctor, who prescribes medication that reduces the acidity of your stomach juices. Do they actually address the problem?

Over ten years ago I suffered from constant pain in my throat. I was really worried that I had some kind of serious disease and sought medical help.First I was sent to a specialist who sprayed my throat with anesthetics and pushed down a tube with a camera to have a look around. This was one of the worst moment of my life. He saw nothing, so I was sent to get a CT scan done on my neck. In those days there was no internet, or not much in it, so you could not research the dangers of CT scan, nevertheless you blindly trusted your doctors that what they did to you was safe. They didn’t tell me that during the few minutes of the treatment you receive as much ionizing radiation as you get from the environment in between 7 month to three years!!!

Bad enough, the CT scan showed nothing.

I was sent to another specialist who made me drink a very heavy while liquid they cammed Barium meal, and then I had to lay down on a table that was tilted and in the meantime the X-ray video of my inside showing the Barium meal flowing around was recorded. So when I was head down all the Barium stuff just flew into my throat.

The problem was identified. I had reflux that burned a small diverticulum (a small pocket) into my throat that trapped some meal that was fermenting and this caused the pain. Wow!

I was sent to another specialist who was supposedly decide if he wanted to operate on my to remove the diverticulum. He looked at me and since I was in great strength he opted not to operate on me. I wonder what would have happened if I was older and weaker. Chop-chop.

He prescribed a medicine that reduced the acidity of the stomach juices. I took them for a month and I have to tell I felt like I wasn’t myself. Very strange. Once I ran out of the medicine I went back to the doctor. He prescribed another lot. I asked him how long I had to take these. He said, all my life.

This was not good enough to me. I didn’t want to be dependent of any chemical substance. I thought, my problem was not acidity, because the stomach juice must be very acidic, otherwise it cannot digest the food.  My problem was that my stomach didn’t close properly and the juices flew to my throat.

I looked around and found a few old phone books. I stuffed them under the head side of the bed which gave the bed a slight slope. This meant the juices stayed in my stomach at night.

My problem disappeared in a week. Simple things can work miracles.

Though I have no doubts doctors try to genuinely help you – my best friend is a doctor -, they often miss the simplest solutions.

You know what I think the cause for this problem is? Fuzzy drinks. You drink them cold and as they warm up in the stomach they release carbon dioxide that force its way out of the stomach by stretching the very stomach muscle that is supposed to keep the stomach closed. Over time, because you drink a lot of fuzzy drinks, this muscle becomes disfunctional.

Did you say we should sue Coca Cola and Pepsi Co?

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