As far as I know there are many people with floppy heart valves in the world. I am not a health professional, so I explain to you in layman terms what that means and how you get it.

I never had problem with my heart valve in my youth. I learned and taught Kyokushin karate, that is called power karate because it pushes you to your limits. Indeed, a body builder friend of mine told me once that he could not even do the first ten minutes of the training, which was only a warm-up. The real tough stuff came after that.

So I had a really strong heart, period. However, in my thirties I worked in a very dusty environment and possibly due to this I often suffered from bronchitis. Whenever my kids got the flu I came down with bronchitis.

Perhaps you are aware that germs are sensitive to heat, so  because I was so unwell I took a hot bath – I mean it was really hot, and stayed in it for a bit too long. Yeah, you do silly things when you don’t know the consequences.

At the end of the bath my heart started misbeating and when it occurred it felt like lots of bubbles were moving around in my chest. I got scarred and immediately went to see the doctor (you may ask why I didn’t see him before the bath – well I did, but they always start you on a weak antibiotics and move up to the stronger ones, so it may be a month before you actually get better). He sent me to a specialist. I could only make the appointment a week later, and by that time my heart was more or less OK. The doctor put me on the thread and I had to run for quite a while with the slope increasing regularly. It felt like forever. I thought, and I still think that this is pretty stupid, because under such a stress your heart may fail causing more damage than there is.

Anyway, I survived it, but apart from the occasional misbeat the test revealed nothing. So they sent me to have another test, I think, ultrasound, it was quite some time ago, so I don’t remember, but it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it revealed that I had a floppy heart valve, which at times doesn’t close properly and the blood leaks back. Hence the bubbling feeling.

And guess what the treatment was? Nothing, I was too young to operated on. I didn’t want to be butchered anyway. The bubbling feeling stayed with me and I tried various natural supplements to see if any of them helped, when once I saw flex seed oil on the shelves, and a strong feeling overcame that this would help me.

I bought it and in a week I felt much better. You may think it was due to placebo effect. Maybe. But this placebo effect has been working pretty well for the last 15 years as I never had trouble ever since. Sure, I regularly take it and recommended it to people that complained about their hearts and they all reported very positive effect. Including an about 80 years old lady. The oil capsules worked for her in a week!!!

Is it not better than an open heart surgery? It is worth a try. It will certainly not harm you.

Some time ago I came across a report that claimed that old copper pipes used as water pipes cause heart problems, including floppy heart valve. The copper bleaches into the water over time and you end up with problems. If your home has copper pipes consider replacing them.

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