Have you ever had them? They most often occur when something is pressing on the nerves. One of the most common form is a damaged disc in the neck of in the back. When the pain strikes, any movement can become unbearably painful. You go to the doctor and he or she will prescribe strong pain killers and tell you to rest. But the pain remains strong no matter what.

There is a substance, however, that can come to your rescue. Have you hears of the hot capsicum or hot chili? It contains a substance called capsaicin. You can most probably find ointments or sticky pads that contain it at the chemist near you. A really good one is called ABC Heat Plaster. It is a sticker that you stick over the damaged disc in the spine. Of course, you need to know where it is located.

The capsaicin interacts with the nerve and blocks the pain through chemical reaction. It also causes capillaries to dilatate and increase blood flow to the underlying area. This has a real healing effect. No, the capsaicin will not fix a damaged disc, but it can make life more bearable again.

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