The Dyson Air Multipliers are really impressive, true space age technology. They look great and work great. Who wouldn’t want one of these to impress friends? But they are priced so high that one may get the impression these are real high-tech stuff that justifies the price.

Let me share a few thoughts with you about this product.

1. Buffeting. First of all, Dyson claims there is no more buffeting, the air blows steadily. I wonder how I could live without it for so long. I never even noticed my old plain vanilla fan buffeting air at me until I heard Dyson telling me on Youtube. Now I am really worried. Not so.

What is really wrong with buffeting air? Nothing, I guess. It is perfectly natural. It is like the wind blowing in your face. The wind was like that since the beginning of time and humankind never ever complained about it. Because it is natural. Because it feels great. These old fans do just that. Imitate the wind.

Now Mr Dyson comes along and tells us that we need to pay over 35 times the cost of the plain old fan to avoid buffeting. Goodness gracious! I want buffeting. It makes me feel alive!

2. Safety. Dyson shows that you can put your hand or even your head inside his air multiplier. It is safe. For $600 (talking about the large ones) it should be. If nothing else, for so much money it should be really safe. It is so safe that it is tempting. Will children not utilise them for fun and climb through the ring? Sadly, those old type of fans are so unsafe that you need to empty your bank account to get a few Dysons just for safety.

However, have you or has anyone you know ever had any safety problem with your old fashioned fans? I have never heard that anyone ever had problems. The safety grill safely keeps things away. The wires in the grill are so close to each other that children cannot put their toys through. All this safety for around $15! Marvellous!

What about the Dyson? Do you really think children will not try to put small things into the air gap around the ring? And if they do, how will you get them out without disassembling the unit – if that is possible at all?

3. Quiet operation. I saw these Dyson fans a couple of times at Harvey Norman. They didn’t appear to be any quieter than traditional fans. Their noise level depends on the air speed. In the case of the Dyson it forces air through a narrow gap around the ring at high speed dragging more air with it, which by itself is a very noisy process. High speed air can be as noisy if not noisier as plain old rotating fans. At least the difference is negligible.

4. Easy cleaning. Wow! Such a claim. Sure, it is easy to clean the ring, but fast moving air deposits dust inside the unit also, not only on the outer surface of the ring. How will you pull apart that ring and clean the inside walls? I am not sure. But I can easily clean every single part of my good old fan.

5. Dimmer switch power control. Sure, this is unique for the Dysons. But this kind of power control could easily be implemented in traditional fans also. Why not?

Actually, why would you need it? I don’t really know why I would want such a fine control of air flow. My old fan has four speed. I never actually missed a fifth one or a sixth one. I always thought the four speed levels were adequate. But then Mr Dyson came along and told the world we needed fine control. Why I never figured it out myself!

6. Touch-tilt. It is so easy to tilt this fan that it will easily become a toy for kids. They will not be able to resist playing with it. But as for us adults, it should be a non-issue. My $15 old fan can be tilted down or up with little force. It is actually good that it needs a bit of force, so you don’t accidentally flip it when you walk past. If you have a $100 to spend you can even buy a fan that turns left-right and up-down and even varies the air speed to mimic the wind. And it can ionise the air for you. Not that you need it.

7. Power consumption. While this is not emphasized I have seen it mentioned somewhere. The Dysons use around 40W. My old fan uses about 50W. Not a big deal. Would you pay $500 rather than $15 to save 10W? I wouldn’t.

So should you buy the Dysons? You should if you have so much money that you don’t know what to spend it on and want to impress your friends. The Dysons have the “Wow!” factor. But you might be able to get the same “Wow!” for the third or fourth of the price by getting a Chinese clone. Actually, from what I read the concept employed in these Dyson fans might have been discovered by a Chinese college student. I have no idea if it is true.

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