I purchased an Otterbox Defender case for my new shiny Samsung Galaxy S6 from an eBay dealer who guaranteed its originality, but when I opened the box it felt very cheap straight away. Since I own a Otterbox Defender for my old Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I was able to compare the quality. The dealer recommended I check out large supermarkets that carry the item and compare it. Since JB Hifi he suggested did not carry it, I went to Dick Smith as they did.

As it turned out these fakes are sourced from Force Technology in WA, one of Otterbox’ official distributors in Australia.

Checking out the case in the shop immediately revealed that what they sold was original. I bought it immediately, for I am determined to get my money back from the eBay dealer, and took photos with notes on them. Unfortunately, the lighting conditions were not so great, but you shall still be able to see what I noted.

Middle click on the pictures to view them in large size in a new browser tab:

rubber coverholsterboxplasticinstructions

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